Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels

18 Inch x 8,5j / Offset 45 - 5x112 - Gold - incl. Mounting-Kit!


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Product number: Fifteen52-15.13
Manufacturernumber: TARGG-88551+45
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"Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels"

The Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels are the cornerstone and one of the most iconic creations of Fifteen52.

They embody everything the company stands for: boldness, durability, functionality, and a departure from fleeting trends. As Cast Monoblock Tarmacs, these wheels represent a timeless motorsport style that will remain relevant for years to come.

The Tarmac Wheels are not just a symbol of Fifteen52's design philosophy, but also a significant piece of history in the relationship between Fifteen52 and Ken Block. These wheels gained fame when they first appeared on Ken Block's Ford Fiesta rally car in the extremely popular Gymkhana FOUR video. Since then, they have become synonymous with performance and style-defining design in motorsport.

The Tarmac Wheels combine functionality with aesthetics, making them more than just a wheel – they are a statement. They are suitable for drivers who value a strong presence and performance, both on the racetrack and on the road.

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Colour: Gold
Felgenstil: 5 Spoke, Sport
Bolt circle: 5x112
Inch: 18 Inch
Rim width: 8,5j
Size: 18 Zoll x 8,5j
Offset: ET 45

Iconic Design:

The Tarmac Wheels are a classic example of what Fifteen52 stands for.

Cast Monoblock Construction:

Provides longevity and robust performance.

Timeless Aesthetics:

A design that withstands trends and remains ever-relevant.

Famous from Gymkhana FOUR:

Immortalized through its use on Ken Block's legendary Ford Fiesta rally car.

Synonymous with Motorsport and Style:

Perfect for drivers seeking a distinctive and high-performance wheel.

Versatility and Presence:

Ideal for use in motorsport and for a strong road presence.

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