Advan TC4 Wheels

17 Inch x 7j / Offset 47 - 4x100 - Gun Metallic & Ring - incl. Mounting-Kit!


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Product number: ADVAN-15.43
Manufacturernumber: YAD7E47AGMR
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"Advan TC4 Wheels"

Discover the reinterpreted aesthetics of the ADVAN Racing TC-4 rims - an innovation that challenges conventions with a striking 5-spoke full-face design.

This design is novel for the GT series and presents a long spoke concept that provides both strength and an impressive visual presence.

The TC-4 stands out with a carefully calculated design that features side cuts only at the cross points and the outer ends of the spokes. This precision maximizes the strength of the rim while maintaining the advantage of low weight - a balance of visual harmony and performance.

Introduced from the start with 18-inch sizes, the TC-4 series now offers a complete range from 15 to 18 inches, with the 18-inch variants available in three designs: Standard, GTR, and Super GTR. The 15- to 17-inch models are available in Standard and GTR design.

The ADVAN Racing TC-4 is available in four shades: the nearly dark silver "Racing Gun-Metallic," the almost glossy black "Black Gun-Metallic," the bronze-colored "Umber Bronze Metallic," and the vivid "Racing Candy Red." In 2019, a new color was added: the cool "Racing White Metallic & Ring" with fine metallic particles.

The ADVAN Racing logo, proudly and over 1 mm high between the spokes in the rim bed, is carefully worked out after painting to further underline its exclusivity. A special sticker with the new TC-4 logo completes the distinctive design and gives the rims an individual touch.

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Colour: Gun Metallic & Ring
Felgenstil: 5 Spoke, Sport
Bolt circle: 4x100
Inch: 17 Inch
Rim width: 7j
Size: 17 Zoll x 7j
Offset: ET 47

Innovative 5-Spoke Design:

A completely new concept that offers a long spoke structure not previously seen in the GT series.

Maximum Strength:

Side cuts at strategic points ensure optimal strength without compromising on lightweight construction.

Wide Product Range:

Available in sizes from 15 to 18 inches with different design variants for specific sizes.

Color Variety:

Four basic colors, expanded by the newly developed "Racing White Metallic & Ring."

Distinctive Logo Processing:

The ADVAN Racing logo is precisely processed after painting for a high-quality finish.

Exclusivity Through Details:

Each rim comes with a special sticker for the new TC-4 logo, allowing for additional personalization.

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