Advan GT Beyond Wheels

19 Inch x 9j / Offset 22 - 5x120 - Machining & Hyper Black - incl. Mounting-Kit!


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Product number: ADVAN-16.34
Manufacturernumber: YAQB9I22WMHB
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"Advan GT Beyond Wheels"

The legendary ADVAN Racing GT rim experiences its latest evolution with the introduction of the "GT BEYOND".

This advancement of the timeless design marks the first update since the series was introduced and presents itself as the epitome of the latest rim technology.

The use of A6061 aluminum in conjunction with the Mold-Form forging process positions the GT BEYOND at the forefront of wheel performance. With this technical masterpiece, not only are current, high-performance braking systems with large dimensions accommodated, but exceptional stability is also achieved.

The GT BEYOND is characterized by uniform outer rim depths across all sizes and five different types of concave spokes, which are adjusted depending on rim width, offset, and model compatibility. Strategically placed side cuts – only where the spokes meet the hub and at their outer ends – optimize the balance of lightweight construction and stiffness and immediately signify the belonging to the BEYOND series.

The first changes were introduced in the 19-inch sizes and are planned to be expanded to 20- and 18-inch wheels in the future. The logo is incorporated with a 3D CNC milling machine on the spoke surface, updating the "A6061-T6" of the conventional GT Premium Version logo to "BEYOND".

The processing to prevent tire slippage improves tire adhesion, a crucial function for high-performance applications. Overall, the GT BEYOND is available in four colors, including the new "Racing Sand Metallic" and "Racing Copper Bronze," both specifically chosen to convey the distinctive impression of the BEYOND series.

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Colour: Machining & Hyper Black
Felgenstil: 5 Spoke, Sport
Bolt circle: 5x120
Inch: 19 Inch
Rim width: 9j
Size: 19 Zoll x 9j
Offset: ET 22

Updated ADVAN GT Design:

First update to the classic design to introduce the new "GT BEYOND" series.

High-Quality Materials:

Use of A6061 aluminum and Mold-Form forging process for peak performance.

Brake Compatibility:

Barrel-Rim design allows the use of large, high-performance braking systems.

Spoke Design:

Five types of concave spokes, optimized for various rim widths and offsets.

Innovative Logo Processing:

3D CNC-milled "BEYOND" logo on the spokes.

Color Selection:

Four color variants including the new "Racing Sand Metallic" and "Racing Copper Bronze" for a strong brand identity.

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