Fifteen52 Tarmac EVO Wheels

19 Inch x 8,5j / Offset 45 - Double hole circle 5x108/112 - Rally White - incl. Mounting-Kit!


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Product number: Fifteen52-14.15
Manufacturernumber: STTRW-98558+45
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"Fifteen52 Tarmac EVO Wheels"

The Fifteen52 Tarmac EVO Wheels represent the next evolutionary stage of the iconic Fifteen52 Tarmac design.

These classic six-spoke wheels expand on the original design language of the Tarmac and set new standards in terms of style and performance. Upon seeing the Tarmac EVO, one immediately recognizes the continuation of a clear, functional, and motorsport-inspired design that has made the Tarmac one of our most iconic wheels.

More than just a simple update, the Tarmac EVO, with its modernized design, moves away from the gravel road and onto the racetrack. A standout feature is the customizable Super Touring Lug Cap System, used in all wheels of our current Super Touring line.

When purchasing a wheel, you receive a comprehensive package that includes one (1) black nut, one (1) color-matched cover plate, one (1) aluminum beak, and one (1) black acrylic center cap. Additional accessories are available separately to personalize the wheels.

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Colour: Rally White
Felgenstil: 6 Spoke, Sport
Bolt circle: Doppellochkreis 5x108/112
Inch: 19 Inch
Rim width: 8,5j
Size: 19 Zoll x 8,5j
Offset: ET 45

Evolutionary Six-Spoke Design:

An advancement of the classic Tarmac design, setting new standards in style and functionality.

Continuity in Design:

Retains the clear, purposeful, and motorsport-inspired aesthetics that made the Tarmac famous.

From Gravel to Racetrack:

The Tarmac EVO incorporates cutting-edge technology for use on the racetrack.

Super Touring Lug Cap System:

Allows for individual customization and highlights the wheel in our Super Touring line.

Complete Package per Wheel:

Includes a black nut, color-matched cover plate, aluminum beak, and black acrylic center cap.

Customization Options:

Additional accessories are available separately to personalize the wheels according to individual preferences.

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