Advan RZII Wheels

18 Inch x 9j / Offset 35 - 5x114,3 - Hyper Black - incl. Mounting-Kit!


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Product number: ADVAN-13.72
Manufacturernumber: YAZ8I35EHB
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"Advan RZII Wheels"

The ADVAN RZII rim brings a fresh breeze to the performance rim collection and represents a new challenge in crossover design.

As a reinterpretation of the RZ series, the RZII combines the dynamics of a Twin 5-Spoke design with the uniformity of a 10-Spoke wheel, creating a fusion that is both daring and evolutionary.

At the wide end of the twin spokes, a first-time applied "Advanced Side-Cut" provides impressive optical lightness and enhanced strength. The narrow ends of the twin spokes retain a stepped form, preserving the wheel's strength despite its slender design.

The standard version of the RZII is available in sizes 17 to 19 inches, with selected sizes also offered in the GTR design with even more pronounced concave spoke shapes. Specifically for racing use, the Super GTR design is available in 18-inch size, tailored to the high demands of motorsport.

The RZII model is available in three color variants: Racing Hyper Black, Racing Gloss Black, and the brand-new Racing Indigo Blue. Regardless of the color choice, all wheels are characterized by diamond-cut rim flanks and polished rings, clearly emphasizing the identity of the new RZII model.

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Colour: Hyper Black
Felgenstil: Multispoke, Sport
Bolt circle: 5x114,3
Inch: 18 Inch
Rim width: 9j
Size: 18 Zoll x 9j
Offset: ET 35

Crossover Design:

Combination of Twin 5-Spoke and 10-Spoke designs for a bold and advanced appearance.

Advanced Side-Cut:

First-time application of this technique on the twin spokes for improved strength and a striking appearance.

Thin Spoke Design with Strength:

A stepped form design at the narrower ends of the twin spokes, ensuring the wheel's strength.

Size and Design Variety:

Available in 17-19 inches, with special GTR and Super GTR designs for racing.

Color Options:

Three available color variants, including the new Racing Indigo Blue, all with diamond-cut rim flanks.

Racing Identity:

Each wheel features polished rings and diamond-cut edges, emphasizing the unique identity of the RZII model.

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